Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Thrifty Finds

As mentioned, I love sharing my new finds. Today's finds come from my local Goodwill right down the street. I manage to snag 3 bags and a necklace for a little over $10.00! Love it. You must dedicate time in trying to find treasures in secondhand stores and as always i had little to spare. :/

I absolutely had to get this "clutch" (it has a strap but I plan to use it as a clutch) to match my BCBGirls faux multi-colored alligator heels. Almost a perfect match, too! Not bad for $3, huh?

I couldn't stop at just one (not even two for that matter!). I'm known for carrying huge big bags to fit my entire life in. When I saw this denim bag (strap included), I had to snatch it up for company to my many other "luggages"! At $5, I've got money left over for more denim craze.

I'm interested to seeing your thrift shop finds. Email me pics.

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