Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remember the leopard I wanted, mommy?

Leopard Sperry's, $75.
The smile on my face when I bought them...priceless!
Why am I cursed with such a horrible yet stylistically (I think I just made up a word) addiction? I'm struggling with the two jobs that I have to keep up my constant need to buy everything beautiful in the world. So I'm in a department store for my second interview for a position as Sales Associate. Before you even ask why am I setting myself up for retail suicide, I need a job! What a great choice I must say, although it's like an alcoholic finding work in a liquor store! Getting back to the story: As I'm leaving my interview, I decide to go speak to my friend, Kenya who referred me the job in the Cosmetic department. I didn't find Kenya, but I found my new "pet". I didn't give a two-second thought before I was at the cash register (no try-on needed) whipping out my debit card to my shrinking bank account. I told you guys I was getting spots this season. PFA (Public Fashion Announcement)Ladies: There are many "pets" out there looking for a new closet--I mean "home". Animal prints are definitely a must this fall.

Next on the list: These Vince Camuto's exclusively at Dillards. Don't blame me. Blame Glamour Magazine for even putting them in my eyesight!

Vince Camuto "Baileys" platform boots in leopard print calf hair, $139.
I've got to have 'em!

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