Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nailed it!

Jersylicious is a guilty pleasure of mind. I have no idea why I love watching these Jersey people. It's like we live in two different countries. Although I seriously feel like I need to bathe from looking at all the tan, caked up make-up, and hair products, I find myself envying their style. If you're not up to part of the cast, Gayle is the hot over forty hair salon owner to the posh Jersey Salon, The Gatsby. She's got a crazy, cackling group of employees that are always fighting, bending the rules, and  trying to out do each other all while looking Jersey glammed.

photo courtesy of weheartit.com
"Jersey Glam"- one who possesses at least three of the following attributes: Overly tanned;big stiff over processed hair ;bedazzled with rhinestones from head to toe; boob overkill;Jersey accent, of course; and don't forget the the acrylics, which brings me to the subject of Traci, a lead hair stylist at the Gatsby, has these weird looking contraptions of her nails. They call them "an acrylic nails". Whatever they are they look dangerous and difficult to wear, but that's no problem for Traci. She's been donning them since she was 16.

Catch The Gatsby Gang on the Style Network's Jerseylicious on Sundays 8/7c! You may become an addict like moi!

In other important Nail News...

Have you taken notice to the "stilleto nails" princess RiRi, Queen Bey, and Fergie Ferg havebeen upstaging us with? Where do they even come up with this stuff? I think I'll try this before the "fan".

pointy nails rad or bad 1 thumb 333xauto 39799 Stilleto Manicure   Long and Sharp nails
photo courtsey of manicure-design.com

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