Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And the Reality Sagas continue...

Basketball Wives's executive producer and cast mate,Shaunie O'neal.
Makael from YouTube's The Skorpion Show said
 Shaunie looked like "a Rubik's cube". I can't help but agree!
photo courtesy of vh1.com
 I have admitted that I am a bit of a reality t.v. junkie. Last night's line for me up started with the part two reunion show of Basketball Wives, Tia and Tamera, the premieres of LaLa's Full Court Life and The T.O. Show. I haven't yet watched T.O.'s show because my brain was starting to corrode from all the celebrity drama, but the magic of DVR will be tested once again.

Last week, the so classy..(I can't even get that lie out of my mouth) women of VH1's Basketball Wives Reunion united to discuss the third tumultous chronicles of season. The ex -wife of newly retired NBA player, Shaqulle O'neal is the executive producer of the show. Ms. Shaunie O'neal is accompanied on the show with other Basketball Wives. It so happens none of the other six women are married, except for the newest cast member Meeka Claxton, wife of retired NBA baller, Speedy Claxton. The rival with her and fellow wife, Tami continued. Surprisingly, nothing was resovled except innovative ways to call each other b****es. Even more "surpisingly", O'neal had nothing to say as the women kept the drama alive trying to make good television by cackling at each other. The first part of the two hour reunion show was mediocre as the by passed certain issues that I wanted to know more about, such as. Suzie's non-closing blabbing mouth or the fact that no one learned anything about Shaunie. Everyone was too busy hoping on Royce, but she held her on. Kuddos to you, girl!

For more wholesome drama, I head to the Style Network's newest reality series from twin actresses, Tia and Tamera Mowry. I absolutely love it, as I previously stated in a past post. Their self-titled show, Tia and Tamera, premieres on Mondays 9/8c. The show documents the ladies going through two beautiful yet different moments in life. Tia is expecting her first child with husband of three years, actor Corey Hardrict. Meanwhile, Tamera is beaming with joy of her nuptials to Fox News correspondent, Adam Housley. The two are cute, affectionate sisters who really love each other despite their different takes on just about everything from style to priority checklists. It's hard to see age 33 on them because they are so innocent and purely sweet. It's horrible I think that, but look at the reality show standards that have been set before them.

So if you're a celeb looking for a major comeback, why not include a reality show in your marketing strategy? Hopping on that so popular train is LaLa Vasquez-Anthony. LaLa is newly wed to New York Knicks' player, Carmelo Anthony less than a year ago. LaLa's Full Court Life is a look at the chronicles of her professional and home life. The opening show is her contemplating the untimely trade of her husband and a visit of from her dear friend Kelly Rowland and cousin. Overall, I think the show will be a fav because LaLa is such a sweetie pie.  

That wrapped up my reality sees for the night!

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