Friday, November 18, 2011

Smiles and Kisses

A million Smiles doesn't compare to that Big Kiss"
photo by Little Miss Famous Photography
A lot of my clothing make me look much younger that I truly am (I'll be 23 on the 23rd!). What can I say? I'm a kid at heart.  I still like rocking Chuck Taylor's with my legging jeans and even throwing up messing ponytails. I'll be 23 next week, but my fashion style sometimes likes to linger in the kiddie poIe. I dressed this graphic screen tee with a Blazer for a more grown up appeal. Believe it or not it's a JOE Boxer sleepwear shirt, but my eyes couldn't tell between nightshirt or Night Shirt! Clearance rack at $4. It still amazes me how cheap I can score my clothes. So get those silly tees and band t-shirts out that bottom drawer and start dressing them up a bit. Right pair of jeans and stiletto heel will surely do the trick.

Where to shop for the best band shirts? or the nearest store.

"Kiss Me"
Ring: Princess Breeze Boutique
photo by Little Miss Famous Photography
Looking to make a statement? Try an oversized ring. They aren't just for cocktail hour. I love silly make-up artist, Olivia from Style Network's Jerseylicious. She has like a million and one over-the-top rings sure to make a plenty statements.

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