Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get your swap on!

Quick snap shot while setting up the Compassion
Fashion Project' s  "Your friend's closet" clothing swap
event. Fashion for a cause--Love it!

The Compassion Fashion Project hosted a clothing swap benefitting the Women and Children First shelter last week. It was a great party for a great cause. And you too can do it!
Want to host your own clothing swap? It's a wonderful excuse to hang out with your friends with some food, fashion, and fun sipping!

1. My space, your space.

Your home or a close friend's makes fun an ideal, intimate space for hosting your little soiree. make sure there is room for you and your girls to stretch your legs while getting your fashionista on--and eat on if you're like my friends and I.

2. Who's Invited?

Make a list of close friends, family, and co-workers that you think would come. Try to keep a variation in style, age, and size for a more diverse gathering. Send your invites via Facebook or some other social networking site for an easy click.

3. Take a cue from CFP!

Join in the efforts to save the world--or at least your community-in stilletos. Ask guests to bring a $5.00 admission in to the clothing swap to  give to a chose charity or organization.

4. Organization is key.

Use a large table or clothing rack to separate clothing items in categories. Be sure to include a full-length mirror for a nice touch to your little consignment shop!

5. Don't forget to eat--

Girls Night In wouldn't be complete without some delicious appetizers! You don't have to go all out and cater. For a more economical touch, tell everyone it's a potluck!

6. Keep a tracking system.

Make sure no one leaves with more items than they come out with. i like how the Compassion Fashion Project's number system. They assigned numbers  based on vintage/designer appeal, pants/shirts, dresses, etc. Try to come up with your own rules based on the number of people who show up. Chances your friends will be fair and not fight over items...hopefully.


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