Monday, November 28, 2011

Forever Lazy, Forever Crazy

As Seen On TV
Forever Lazy

So these "As seen on TV" products have managed to make even more ridiculous products. I was so on Team Snuggie a couple of years ago and I still even use mine from time to time, but these recent "must-haves" have fallen on the weirdo track. If you managed to escape the zany commercials of goofy-faced people 'raising the roof' wearing assorted colors of the personal sleeved blanket sensation than you must have not owned a television. So the Forever Lazy, which is jumper fulfilling all of your blanket needs, has the same general concept as the Snuggie, but it tops it in the "WTH" factor. What's the funniest part of these commercials is the usage for it. You can wear your Forever Lazy at home watching tv, studying, or even tailgating! Tailgating? I just about died from laughing watching grown folks wearing cozy jumpsuits  drinking in the out of doors at a game. The craziest part about the Forever Lazy? It has a back flap for making trips to the  restroom easier. I can't believe they are even serious with this one!

Watch the ridiculous commercial HERE.

Will a Forever Lazy be on your Christmas list this year?

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