Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Airport Chic!

Bey always knows how to rock first class looks.
photo courtesy of Essence

 I get so envious of looking through People of celebs looking like pure perfection as they photographed out traveling. For one, I wish I could be "Anywhere, but Here" sometimes. Have you seen that movie with Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon? I digress. And two, I always look like the epitome of a hot mess when I travel. Let's stop looking a hot mess and get some celebrity inspiration while we're ripping the runway! The holidays are here, so get airport chic, E-CHICks.

XO Britt

Stil- or Sneak-?
What do you think? I would say the most comfortable choice would be the obvious sneaker, but who needs comfort when you've got style?!  If you must compromise, try a chic riding boot.

Layers of love.

Are you going to a location with a drastic weather shift? Last spring break I was freezing on the way back from the airport in Bermuda shorts and sandals on the way back from Puerto Vallarta. Layers keep you prepared for anything.

Oversize me.

Skip the small digs. Go big with a cute carry-all to fit all your divine, diva travel musts! Just try to keep all your important travel documents in a place of their own.

Just in case...

Keep a change of clothes in your carry all. Who is not to say there will be unexpected, lengthy layovers or accidents on your venture. You don't want to be stuck in the airport with juice soaking in your blouse like a five-year-old.

Superstar Status

No celebrity-inspired airport ensemble would be complete without some Hollywood "No photos, please" sunglasses. This can prevent others from seeing the sleep in your eyes from that four hour flight.

I can't wait to travel in style on my next rendezvous with Little Rock Adams Field Airport. Next vacay: Spring Break. Viva La Mexico! Can it come any faster !

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