Monday, November 7, 2011

Matching is passe...

Our E-CHICk, Larnie modeling her own clothing. Don't
you just love her print collaborations?!
photo by Little Miss Famous Photography
So my all-time least favorited questions to hear from those resolving their style challenges is, "Does this match?". I can't tell you how much this simple yet naive question gets under my skin. I am a person that refuses to have to sterotypically match my style choices. Who am I matching for? I like to throw on things that make me feel good. I put as much effort into matching my clothes as I do ironing. And I haven't used an iron in ages. I'm not trying to be tiptoe around with my color palettes and prints just so someone else's eye can feel more at ease. Why not be bold? State your claim today just for a day, E-CHICKS: "I [insert name] will not overly extend myself to "match" my clothing. I know that this is a bold claim to make and some of you wouldn't dare, but what are you losing?

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