Sunday, March 18, 2012

I can't find my necklace?!

Creating a jewelry board is low costly, fun, and both declutter and serve as wall art.
Since I've moved about two months ago into a new space, I have been trying to get a bit more organized. My room is clean for the first time in years! Seriously, you guys...YEARS! I'm working on being more organized and clean this year. When I see things laying around the house, I actually pick them up. That may sound like no achievement for you, but for me it is. I find that I sleep better in a clean room. One idea low cost idea I cam up with for keeping my jewelry together is getting a cork board ($8 at Walmart). I like that everything is within sight and it compliments my eclectic room. I have to start all over with my pieces since I've lost a lot just laying them around. This board is going to make my life easier! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!

First things first: I have so negelected you E-ChicKS! So much has changed since my last post (3 months ago!). Don't worry, I slapped my own hand. Bad, Britt! So I am a college graduate and now preschool teacher. I have moved into a new place. Don't clap just yet (I'm still with mommy). But I'm working on balancing work with keeping my creative outlets. So do you forgive me for being away so long?...I'll take that explainable silence as confirmation of your forgiveness. Moving on shall we...

I've really been wanting some t-strap heelies as a start of a 1940's pinup look I'm trying to achieve. And look what I scored while shopping at TJ Maxx. Of course, they have a bit of a modern twist, but can we say steal at only $35.00?!  Initially, I went in to my favorite store to grab some new bed sheets, which I completely adore by the way. It feels oh-so soft and the price ($9.99, fitted sheet by Ralph Lauren) had me beaming with joy :)  Getting back to the shoes: They would've been purrrrrfect for Vday with the red and pink color block spiced up by the cheetah print. Too bad I was too busy enjoying my Vday curled up in bed sipping wine and eating chocolate to care about shoes! <3

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Airport Chic!

Bey always knows how to rock first class looks.
photo courtesy of Essence

 I get so envious of looking through People of celebs looking like pure perfection as they photographed out traveling. For one, I wish I could be "Anywhere, but Here" sometimes. Have you seen that movie with Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon? I digress. And two, I always look like the epitome of a hot mess when I travel. Let's stop looking a hot mess and get some celebrity inspiration while we're ripping the runway! The holidays are here, so get airport chic, E-CHICks.

XO Britt

Stil- or Sneak-?
What do you think? I would say the most comfortable choice would be the obvious sneaker, but who needs comfort when you've got style?!  If you must compromise, try a chic riding boot.

Layers of love.

Are you going to a location with a drastic weather shift? Last spring break I was freezing on the way back from the airport in Bermuda shorts and sandals on the way back from Puerto Vallarta. Layers keep you prepared for anything.

Oversize me.

Skip the small digs. Go big with a cute carry-all to fit all your divine, diva travel musts! Just try to keep all your important travel documents in a place of their own.

Just in case...

Keep a change of clothes in your carry all. Who is not to say there will be unexpected, lengthy layovers or accidents on your venture. You don't want to be stuck in the airport with juice soaking in your blouse like a five-year-old.

Superstar Status

No celebrity-inspired airport ensemble would be complete without some Hollywood "No photos, please" sunglasses. This can prevent others from seeing the sleep in your eyes from that four hour flight.

I can't wait to travel in style on my next rendezvous with Little Rock Adams Field Airport. Next vacay: Spring Break. Viva La Mexico! Can it come any faster !

Monday, November 28, 2011

Forever Lazy, Forever Crazy

As Seen On TV
Forever Lazy

So these "As seen on TV" products have managed to make even more ridiculous products. I was so on Team Snuggie a couple of years ago and I still even use mine from time to time, but these recent "must-haves" have fallen on the weirdo track. If you managed to escape the zany commercials of goofy-faced people 'raising the roof' wearing assorted colors of the personal sleeved blanket sensation than you must have not owned a television. So the Forever Lazy, which is jumper fulfilling all of your blanket needs, has the same general concept as the Snuggie, but it tops it in the "WTH" factor. What's the funniest part of these commercials is the usage for it. You can wear your Forever Lazy at home watching tv, studying, or even tailgating! Tailgating? I just about died from laughing watching grown folks wearing cozy jumpsuits  drinking in the out of doors at a game. The craziest part about the Forever Lazy? It has a back flap for making trips to the  restroom easier. I can't believe they are even serious with this one!

Watch the ridiculous commercial HERE.

Will a Forever Lazy be on your Christmas list this year?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Congrats AU's, Cameron King

Check out Cam's exquisite engagement
ring. Read why you can't find it in stores here.

EclectiCHICks loves Artfully Urban's revamped vintage and retro merchandise. But what we love just as much is the owner and operator, Cameron King's engagement ring! "Stunning" just doesn't seem to cut it. This story of the ring is just as beautiful. Read about her fairytale engagement and journey to the altar in her personal blog:

Congratulations Cameron and Jerene! <3

Be sure to shop Artfully Urban for all things E-Chic!

XO Britt