Friday, August 26, 2011

The case of the girl that never had Jellies:

There were two things that I wasn't allowed to have growing up that really disturbed me as a child, because all the other kids in my neighborhood had them. 1. Koolaid. My mom never bought it. I'm sure that's the only reason why I never had caivities either, but I still wanted to drink it. The only way I would I get a taste of this drink is if I went to a freind's house. 2. Jelly Shoes. Do you remember the plastic sandals that all the little girls wore (circa mid 90's)? They came in a different colors and style. My mother couldn't stand them. She said they looked tacky, so again I went without. Well over the summer and spring seasons, Jellies as I they are affectionately called have made a big comeback. I saw a pair of Steve Madden jellies on clearance at TJ Maxx and thought "why not?". Take that, mom!

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