Friday, August 26, 2011


HOT! So to be honest, I wasn't really excited to hear "1+1" as Beyonce's third single (although it came out before the second single). I think that is partly because, I couldn't help but feel like I've heard this same song from Bey in previous records. Nonetheless, I always anticipate any move Beyonce makes. She's genius and I never question her artistry as a whole. Let's face it..the girl knows what she's doing.

If you look closely, you can Bey's inked "IV"
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  E! premiered the official video for "1+1" last night. It actually threw me for a loop because it wasn't what I had in mind at all. The video starts with a greasy and shimmering Beyonce with lights being bounced off her skin. At that moment my thoughts are, "Really Bey? What is this?", but as the video progresses I can't help but look at amazement at how beautiful she was. She's giving us her, which is always a fight because we are always seeing her other dynamic, alter ego Sasha Fierce.  Of course she wore the leopard lingerie well and what looks like just a 'plain' sparkled camisole. The video focused less on the fashion and more on her revealing raw emotion and it's the most sexy I've seen her because of that.  The graphics reminded me of an 80' pop song and in my surprisement captured the essence of the song.

The camera got a close up of both her wedding rings. Both? Let's not forget the matching "IV" tattoos that her and Hip Hop's Jay-Z have on their left ring fingers. There also seems to be a glimpse of the $5 million wedding ring that she rarely dons. Hmmm...we already know who the song is written about, but if you need any other confirmation...

Watch out for a performance from Beyonce at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday at 9/8c!

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