Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Dress for those Playdates with the Kids...

Actresses Halle Berry and Garcelle Beauvais show single moms
how to look fab even with adorable accessories such as kiddos!

The days of mom jeans are long gone. Women are learning to unleash their inner stylist even when accompanied by the kids. Looking your best doesn't have to be such a challenge anymore. Your children aren't your hindrance, they are truly a blessing. So no excuses! Embrace them and carry on!

Here are a few tips for dressing for a playdate:

1.) No white. Think about it. White+kids+dirt+popsicles+bugs+whatever little critters or "lucky charms" your kids bring you=HOT MESS! Every mom knows to stay away from this color when dealing with kids, no matter how cute the outfit is.

2.) Limit Accessories. With kids tugging everywhere possible there is bound to be an accident; whether that be the death of your favorite pair of earrings or a broken clasp on that cute necklace that seems to match your entire wardrobe. Trust me I have learned from much experience, just be careful.

3.) Carry a Posh Bag. These are your bigger hand bags ladies. You can fit almost anything and everything in one, from moist toilettes to a first aid kit/items. (I even put my actual purse or wallet inside which is a thumbs up in my book). And these days Posh Bags come in so many cute styles and colors you might find yourself carrying them regularly.

4.) Be Comfortable Cute. If you are like me, children work you out regardless, if you want to or not. (And to think I only have a four year old) Therefore if there is a time limit on the shoes you want to wear (meaning they start to irritate or hurt after a few hours) don’t wear them. Wear a comfortable running shoe or sandal. And who said all jeans are comfortable because they are not. Find something that fits your comfort level. These days there is so much to choose from, for example track separates better known as a glorified jogging suit, work great for these occasions.

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