Sunday, May 1, 2011

Denim is back, baby

Keira Knightley knows how to rock her denim
photo: courtesy of teen vogue

So guess what you know that denim jacket that you have in your closet from way back way back? Well start pairing them with girly florals or make a color contrast with your wardrobe. I picked me one up from Old Navy ($25) about a few months before I've taken the notice of this timeless staple this spring.

There are a few No-No's I try to follow when pairing denim together

1) Don't overload. The whole denim suit thing is not particularly cute. Your denim should be complimentary to your outfit, not the controlling piece.
2. Don't match denims. If you are going to do denim don't try match them. Wear contrasting pieces.
3) Don't oversize (or under size). You can't go wrong with clothes that actually fit. I made the mistake of buying a jacket that was too big. It looked less fashionable and more hobo chic...unless that's your style...

While we are on the subject of denim I must share these Rachel Roy's that had to buy. I'm always excited to buy shoes. I have some great stories. It's like a mommy talking about her babies. So, the day before I left for my vacation to Mexico, I decided to do some last minute shopping to get some flip flops. I've always noticed this store called Shoe Woo, but I was afraid that they would not coincide with my budget. On this particular day, I decided to pop in. And that's when it happened. I fell in love... <3 <3 <3 I saw them just staring at me. A definite Shoegasm! Shoe Woo wasn't as expensive as I thought. These babies were worth every penny of $138.00 ($129.00 before taxes)! They are statement shoes for sure. Standing at 4.5inches high. Keep in mind I am 5'7. You will definitely see me coming in the room! Tell me if you find a great denim vest that I can pair my new loves with...

photo: courtesy of shopstyle


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