Monday, October 3, 2011

White Lights


photo courtesy of Express
Faux Fur Zip-Front Jacket $138.00
Lace-Banded-Bottom Blouse $49.90
Zelda Jean Legging $69.90

NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY. I don't know who had the idea that we must treat white as the sloppy drunk guy that we had fun in the club, but when we got home ditched his digits in the trash and forgot about him until the next rendezvous at the club. Keeping white in your wardrobe can only benefit you. It is something uber-chic about mixing whites with other neutrals in those Fall and Winter months. The trick is not to completely white wash your looks. Add some texture and fun, such as adding bold prints and  faux fur like Express so brilliantly paired together. Take advantage that the cold seasons give you a chance to rock all your clothing. All your have to do is brainstorming when it comes to layering your pieces.

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