Monday, October 3, 2011

Kanye's "Dw"

photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press

Over the weekend hip hop reigning champ,  Kanye West debuted his new women's clothing line "Dw" in Paris during Paris Fashion Week in a packed house which included celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Ciara, and the Olsen twins. I knew he was in to fashion, but never knew he was that self-assured to try his hand at dressing women. The collection recieved mixed reviews. The Times called the clothing "confusing" and "poor fitting", whilst The Wall Street Journal liked the use of leather, but they did knock off points by directly saying that "A vast quantity of luxury materials can't blind people to a lack of creative marksmanship".  West must be a 'boob man' because there were lots of plunging necklines. Other than the overuse of leather,  weird buckles and an interesting pair of open-toed sweater shoes (the wildest oxymoron I've ever heard!), and even an odd looking furry backpack. You get the idea that most of the pieces aren't on the practical side, so the chances of you sporting these clothes around the office are pretty slim. I must say that I wasn't expecting this line, but even more so a modest, insecure Kanye saying, "I'm so scared, I'm so nervous" in regards to his showcase. Nonetheless, I can defintely see a female Kanye wear these pieces!

The clothes are do to hit the streets Spring/Summer 2012. Tell me your thoughts on the line, named Dw after his late mother Donda West who passed in 2007. Honest knee jerk reactions only! :)

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