Friday, October 7, 2011

Beyonce goes MOD--so can YOU!

It's all in the eyes.
photo courtesy of MTV

Last evening Beyonce debuted her video for "Countdown". I'm loving the Audrey Hepburn's Funny Face look, the make-up, the chic bobs and bags, and all the other mod theatrical references. Again, when I heard "Countdown" after immediately ripping open the "4" album I did not come close to envisioning this video. I admire how she's not letting pregnancy slow her down. Why didn't we see a baby in the making with lyrics such as "I'm trying to make us three / From that two / He's still the one", before her big preggo debut at the MTV Video awards a few months ago. Are you thinking you can't possibly afford to copy and paste Beyonce's cutesy looks? Guess again. Most of the fashion was by American Apparel, an inexpensive, affordable, accessible brand and even Forever 21 to create a mod look.

Mod, which had its birth during the late 1950's and early 1960's in England, is quite simple style to achieve. All you have to make sure is you keep funky, geometrical shapes in those mini dresses, sex up those men shirts, and keep those jeans tailored with a vintage twist. Makeup is a big part of the mod style. Bat wings and long lashes and eyeliner creates a fun, flirty look. Don't forget those cardigans, knee high boots, loafers, and thick headbands.

Still having trouble with 'modding' it up? Check these movies out for a little inspiration:

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