Monday, June 20, 2011

Rihanna, Bieber, and a bottle of perfume...

I feel bad for neglecting all 5 of my fans. lol I've been out of touch lately. That thing called life is always catching up on my tail like the firing of a match, but I promise to communicate more to you. Communication is key to every relationship, even the one between a blogger and her fans (keep in mind that I only have 5!)  

What I must discuss is my recent purchase of Cosmopolitan's July issue with my girl RiRi gracing the cover with her Princess Ariel, under the sea locks. I mean no harm. Wait, wait now. Don't call me a meanie. But I can't help but make that comparison .

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The Rihanna interview was everything that I expected: The pop diva depicting herself as a no non-sense taking, bad chick. What was more informative from this issue wasn't even an interview or a story, but an advertisement. I'll give you a hint: Bieber. Before you start guessing how Bieber's changing locks or disney relationship to Ms. Selena Gomez can possibly be news to Cosmo, I'll set you free from the torcherous guessing. Apparently Justin Bieber has joined the celebrity branding campaign by introducing to the world....don don ta donnn....a perfume? Yes!  Bieber is selling a women's fragrance so brillantly titled "Someday". Leave it to Bieber.  I'm no big fan of the whole idea, the ad, nor even the scent! But I'm sure Selena is keeping "Someday" on always for her Bieber beau.

Check out the ad for yourself:

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