Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cameron, those shoes are "Bad"!

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Hungover Halsy: Cameron Diaz in the official
 "Bad Teacher" movie poster.
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Yesterday, I went to a screening of "Bad Teacher" with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. Let me just say it was just as hilarious as I thought it would be! If you don't know the plot: Cameron Diaz plays Elizabeth Halsey, a severely underachieving, alcoholic, "medicinal" smoking, self-consumed,  unlucky gold digger that happens to be a seventh grade English teacher. After being dumped by her last claim to financial freedom, Halsey sets her sites on the new quirky, happy-go-lucky substitute teacher (Timberlake) which is loaded! There is only one thing getting in Ms. Halsey's way...a new set of breasts which she thinks will bump her up a few notches on the hotness meter. She goes to some desperate lengths to get the cash for her new ta-tas. She ultimately gets the crazy idea to actually start teaching--to win a bonus!

Diaz shines as any syncial, cold-hearted chick would, but the fashion is on the same playing  field. I've never seen any of my seventh grade teachers wear any ensembles resemblance of the ones Diaz rocked. Her red bottom shoes aka Christian Louboutins are not to be missed and they're in practically every scene. It's hard to imagine how a middle school teacher can afford the pricy, super chic heels. When she starts falling on rough times, so do her shoes.

Hmm...just wondering when a lucky girl like me will get her first Louboutins. Doesn't hurt to dream.

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