Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mad for Mullets!

Apr 2008-Jada Pinkett-Smith rocking the resurrected mullet.
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When I think of all the 80's inspired trends that have been resurrected: leggings, oversized shirts, mini skirts, huge earrings, I can also think of some not-so favorited trends that I refuse to think can't be done without looking crazy...except shoulder pads! Sometimes when I'm bored I google random people when I see them on television. Jada Pinkett-Smith just happened to be one of those lucky souls,considering I've been thinking all things "HawthoRNe". Sidenote: If you're not waching TNT's "HawthoRNe", starring and executive produced by Pinkett-Smith, shoot yourself! <---Just kidding!

2001- David Spade as America's
 favorite janitor in "Joe Dirt" movie
I love the way he
describes his do-"business in the front
party in the back".

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As I was going through photos of the seasoned actress, I could not pass on one of her donning a side mullet. When I think of mullet, words such as: class, prestige, and sophistication don't really cross my mind. Instead my think-tank concentrates more on words such as: greasy, rock n' roll bad***, and Slater, our favorite wrestling, dimpled boyfriend (well mine) from tv's "Saved by the Bell".

These days, I'm not seeing much of the haircut, but Jada is convincing me to try a 2011 mullet of my own. She is definitely making it work for her. What do you think? What 80's trend are you rocking? Which would you prefer to stay in that decade?

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