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Pulling off Game Day Looks--in style! by Alexa

Meet Alexa:
My stylish co-worker
from RK Collections!

Razorbacks, Bears, and Trojans, oh my! If you're an Arkansas fan, you know how we get down in college sports.  A college game day is the best way for a girl to make a Fall fashion statement. Football season usually opens Fall, thus making it the ideal place for showcasing those game day looks. Any girl can go grab a t-shirt and some jeans and call it a day, but the Eclectichicks that put thought behind their looks are the ones to be remembered. I mean, come on, no one wants to run into a girl wearing the exact same outfit and feel the need to avoid her for the rest of the day.  I always try to put a spin on my game day fits so I don't run into my "outfit twin" while tailgating. Create your own fashion identity with these game-day tips, and I promise you'll go down in tailgate fashion history, or at least get the most viewed pictures on Facebook.



The number one rule I can give you for game day wear is comfort. You have to be comfortable if you want to enjoy yourself. Come on ladies, pulling on that strapless dress that is a little too big for hours on end is a complete downer! You have to pick an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks! So what kind of outfit am I talking about you may ask? You have plenty of options!

Being an employee at RK Collections in the Promenade at Chenal, I have seen many frantic "game day" shoppers desperately trying to find that perfect look for their game days. At RK Collections, we have plenty of great options for any school! You little Razorbacks listen up: Red jeans are a must for this season! Not only is red a great color for Fall, it is also amazing for calling in the HOGS in style! These red jeans below are made by REUSE and are super comfy! This definitely sticks to my comfort rule!

You can find these at RK Collections
 at the Promenade on Chenal in
Little Rock, AR
photo courtesy of ME!
 Another option for your game day attire is to get a one of a kind creations made from your favorite team's t-shirt!  FAN FROCKS is a local company in Arkansas that recreates your favorite tees into a cute tube top of dress! I am in love with this company. I have to put my order for some great things for my Trojan (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) basketball. Don't fret if you're not in AR because Chelsea Silvestri, the owner of the company, is glad to do work for all your favorite team parapherenalia.

An exclusive piece from FAN FROCKS
photo courtesy of Fan Frocks

Girl, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discussing game day fashions! If you are on a budget, go get your favorite team's t-shirt from a nearby store. Grab a pair of scissors and do some major creative clipping, such as cutting the sides and tying them together. As long as you're creative and stand out from the crowd, you'll be golden!

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